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1st Prize Winner
Architect Award









Rebuild UA Winning Architects

Tell us about your project

I find that team collaboration skills produce exciting and sometimes incredibly unexpected results, as each member of the group brings their own unique experience and professional perspective. Thanks to successful teamwork and rich experience of interaction with international clients and projects, we managed to successfully implement this difficult task of restoring Northern Saltivka. From inclusivity and safety to facade design, structural features and master plan, we've taken pains to consider every aspect in detail. Each of us had our own area of responsibility, which allowed us to achieve high quality in all aspects of the project.

What does architecture mean to you?

This is a rather complex issue. I think that each member of the team sees something different. What unites us is the ability to create a high-quality, accessible and aesthetic environment, by people for people, to create a space for life, creativity and development.

What factors contribute to your participation in architectural competitions?

Competitions in general are a good platform to demonstrate your skills, show your creativity, cope with challenges and, through healthy competition, understand your skill level. In addition, working in a team, we identify development areas and strengths of each team member and the group in general. We decided to take part in the Rebuild Ukraine competition because we believe in its mission and goals. This is a great opportunity to show our expertise and contribute to the development of the country. It was interesting to try to work on the proposed modular assembly systems and energy-efficient panels in the context of Ukraine and reconstruction. We hope to take a direct part in the implementation of the project and are waiting for the Victory of Ukraine.

Your feedback on the competition

We are grateful to the international jury for their high assessment of our professional skills and positive feedback on the project. This victory means a lot to us. It confirms our efforts and persistence in working on the project. In addition, this is a huge step forward in our professional development and an opportunity to realize our potential for a better future of Ukraine. Thanks to you, we have gained very valuable experience working on the project of reconstruction of the damaged building, and we hope that we will be able to use the knowledge gained and help in the reconstruction of our country.

2nd Prize Winner
Architect Award