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Rebuild Ukraine Hackathon is a competition to identify the best projects and technological solutions from a variety of disciplines combined with IT and software components to provide solutions to help rebuild the places people live, work, and play in Ukraine.

The Hackathon is aimed at specialists receiving an education in architecture, urban planning, interior design, medicine, teaching, law, accounting, IT (information technology), software engineering and programming, and machine learning.

The hackathon is aimed at developing new technologies that will help support the rebuilding of Ukraine and showcase to the world the high quality of education and innovation being developed by the students from these universities.

War torn Ukraine
Rebuild Ukraine Participants


​Rebuild Ukraine Hackathon is the first of what will be multiple events throughout the next few years that will strive to generate innovative solutions for rebuilding Ukraine. All events will include participation from students studying in Ukraine.

Oleksiy Shkuratov

(Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine for European Integration)

We are very grateful to WZMH Architects for organizing the event, Sparkbird and UA IT Hub for joining as partners and supporting the winners with valuable prizes. Participation in such programs is very important to us. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine will continue to work actively to create conditions for the development of the innovation ecosystem. And as the Rebuild Ukraine Hackathon project will continue to organize and hold events several times a year until Ukraine completes its reconstruction, we will assist in their implementation and be open to cooperation.

Polina Kravtsova


Thank you for such an incredible Hackathon! The organization was very cool, there were no problems with anything at all during the entire event, and everything worked like clockwork. The feedback was unreal, which was interesting to listen to, and most importantly, the opportunity to discuss it all and start critically evaluating your project after the feedback.Incredible projects from all the participants and the inspiration from realizing how cool we all are and how much we are doing and will do for our country!Our team is very happy that we were able to show our idea and hear others! This is a very cool experience! Thank you for the opportunity to participate! Thank you for the first place!  Only forward to our victory!

Tetyana Alifirenko

(KviT Inc.)

Thank you for the good project and for the possibility to make a step away from everyday routine and do an important thing.  ​ this project gives the feeling like the war is already ended and we are working at a post-war bright future for our motherland.  ​ Hopefully, it's not the last time my team participate here. ​ Valeriya Kolodochka (Tech Lady) Completely agree :-) Thank you :-) This is a very cool opportunity to present our ideas and see the projects of other participants. It makes us think even more about how we can help Ukraine.

Margarita Andryukhina

(Asterisks ITS)

​It was the first time I participated in the Hackathon! It was a lot of work and our team is happy with the result. It was very useful and interesting to hear about the projects of other groups. The competition, as it turned out, was high! Therefore, there is something to work on, where to grow, and what to learn. I was pleased with the Jury's comments, they paid attention to each project and gave correct comments and suggestions!  ​ Thanks to the project organizers and everyone involved in the Rebuild Ukraine Hackathon.


(BHS Team)

Thank you for the opportunity to express ourselves and add a part of ourselves to the rebuilding of Ukraine. A very cool event that helps to unleash your creative and professional potential. ​ Olha (Feature) Thank you for the opportunity to meet new people, work in a team and provide an opportunity to realize new ideas. ​ Anna Thank you for the opportunity to prove yourself and for your work that brings our victory closer. An extremely interesting project that inspires new beginnings and assistance to Ukraine.





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