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SPEEDSTAC is a modular construction method developed by Toronto-based WZMH Architects with the aim of assisting Ukraine in its post-war recovery efforts. This innovative construction approach involves removing damaged sections of apartment buildings and seamlessly inserting entirely new rooms or modules, similar to life-sized building blocks. By utilizing prefabricated modular units, this system allows for the integration of new apartments into existing structures, ultimately preventing the need for complete building demolitions.

WZMH Architects has collaborated with builders and developers in Ukraine to identify suitable sites for implementing this concept.


Detailed 3D models of damaged buildings are created through drone and lidar scans to assess structural constraints and dimensions. Additionally, there are plans to explore the potential of adding more floors to existing concrete buildings by stacking modules, thus maximizing the use of space and resources.

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The uniqueness of SPEEDSTAC for Ukraine lies in its COST-EFFECTIVE and TIME-EFFICIENT APPROACH to address the widespread damage caused by the war.



Instead of tearing down and rebuilding entire structures, SpeedStac focuses on surgically replacing damaged portions. This is made possible because many residential buildings in Ukraine, as well as throughout Eastern Europe, were constructed post-World War II with a standardized and modular design using concrete elements that fit together like uniform building blocks.

For buildings with partial damage, the process involves stabilizing the structure as damaged sections are cleared. Then, locally manufactured concrete modules, precisely sized to fit the existing cavities within the building, are craned into place from above, much like fitting Tetris blocks. These modules are self-contained rooms with electrical and plumbing integrated into their walls, ensuring compatibility with the building's existing infrastructure. The result is a revitalized structure that feels like a brand-new building.

Speedstac Kindergarten


WZMH Architects

Concepts developed by Ukrainian Architects using SPEEDSTAC 

 The goal is to pilot these modules in collaboration with local partners, followed by module manufacturing and construction in more stable regions of the country. While SPEEDSTAC may not be the sole architectural solution for Ukraine's recovery, it represents an innovative and pragmatic approach to expedite the reconstruction process, acknowledging that the rebuilding of Ukraine will be a substantial and long-term endeavor, likely spanning a decade or more.

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