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Rebuild Ukraine is an architectural competition aimed at creating innovative solutions for the replacement of destroyed residential buildings in North Saltivka.
Speedstac modular installation
Kingspan KarrierPanel®
Speedstac modular installation

The competition will utilize Speedstac modules and Kingspan insulated metal panels, offering a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and ingenuity.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to compete and make a difference!

Saltivka bg 1.png

YOU can help

Due to the full-scale invasion, approximately 25,000 residential buildings, including 13,000 apartment buildings, have been destroyed or damaged, leaving over 1 million families in urgent need of quality housing.

Apartment Buildings in Ukraine after War
War Torn Homes in Ukraine

This is where YOU COME IN - our architecture competition challenges you to use the innovative Speedstac module and Kingspan Insulated metal panels to replace or restore damaged residential buildings and create sustainable and efficient housing solutions for the residents of North Saltivka.

This competition utilizes the Speedstac module for construction, which is a game-changing solution for rapid restoration and reconstruction of housing and other building types.

The design must also incorporate exterior cladding using Kingspan insulated metal panels, which are a prefabricated cladding system that can easily attach to any building. With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, Kingspan insulated metal panels are designed to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in buildings. This is an opportunity to make a real difference and create a lasting impact in the community.

speedstac module detail

Initially developed to address housing and construction labor constraints in the North American residential market, Speedstac has emerged as a potential solution to help resolve the Ukrainian housing crisis. This prefabricated system consists of precast concrete modules that can be stacked or installed adjacent to or on top of existing apartment buildings. The modules can be used in place of traditional structural elements, such as reinforced concrete and steel decking, that are traditionally assembled, poured, and erected on site. These multi-unit architectural building blocks incorporate a service chase for heating  ventilation, air conditioning, and low-voltage electrical systems.


Speedstac modules are ideal for multi-story buildings up to 30 levels above ground and can also be installed over existing buildings to add additional units or replace damaged sections of apartment blocks. Typically, the modules are up to 3.6 meters in width and up to 8 meters in length, limited by the maximum dimensions allowed for transportation from the prefabrication plant to the site and the weight capacity of the crane used to lift and place the units in place.

The Speedstac modules are fully finished with interior partitions, kitchens,
bathrooms, and appliances in the factory and delivered and installed on site with minimal work required after placement. Work on site typically involves stitching the module joints and making all electrical and plumbing connections between modules and the core of the building.
The Kingspan insulated metal panel is attached to the Speedstac module in the prefabrication plant, reducing the use of cranes and labor on site. This panel is a prefabricated cladding system that can be easily attached to any building, offering sustainable and energy-efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption & carbon emissions in buildings.

Speedstac installation process
Kingspan Insulated Panel

Kingspan Insulated Panel is a prefabricated
cladding system that can be easily installed on any building structure. The insulated metal panels are designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in buildings, with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. As an industry innovator, Kingspan Group sets the benchmark for fire safety, durability, and thermal efficiency.
Kingspan insulated panels have an R-value of 7.2-8 per inch and provide excellent thermal performance. The cladding system is suitable for a variety of settings, including commercial and industrial structures, as well as residential dwellings and schools.

The panels are available in a wide range of sizes, textures, and patterns and include systems such as the QuadCore KarrierPanel. This cost-effective universal barrier wall is an alternative solution to traditional multi-component wall systems. The KarrierPanel utilizes Kingspan’s fully engineered KarrierRail to securely and safely transmit loads from a wide range of non-combustible facade options to the structural supports behind the insulated panel. Participants in the competition are encouraged to review the complete product range offered by Kingspan Group and seek to incorporate as many of these products into the design of the project. This includes roofing products and architectural accent features such as the Accent Fin. By utilizing Kingspan products, participants can ensure that their designs are not only innovative but also sustainable and energy-efficient, setting a new standard for building design in North Saltivka.

Kingspan Insulated Module Detail

Competition Brief

The Rebuild Ukraine Architectural competition is calling upon participants to design 200 new residential apartment units, of various sizes, in the North Saltivka region of Kharkiv. The challenge is to use Speedstac modules and Kingspan insulated metal panels to construct a new building or add to an existing one.


The competition is open to professional architects and students studying in this field. Participants can take part as individuals, teams or firms.

Evaluation Criteria
Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
● Functionality and sustainability of the design
● Creativity and originality
● Accessibility and inclusivity
● Aesthetic appeal
● Feasibility of implementation

● Use of Speedstac modular units and Kingspan insulated metal panels


The primary objective of this competition is to replace 200 damaged residential apartment units within the North Saltivka site. Participants are given the freedom to choose between designing a completely new building or densifying an existing one with additional apartment units. There are various techniques and methods that can be employed for redesigning, including full demolition and brand new building, rebuilding
the existing structure, adding and replacing the damaged portions of the building, or a combination of these techniques. The competition aims to
encourage architects and architectural students to think innovatively and creatively in designing solutions that can address the pressing need for sustainable and efficient housing in North Saltivka.


As part of the submission, participants are required to use Speedstac modular units in combination with traditional structural solutions, such as poured in place reinforced concrete for below-grade levels, stairs, elevator shafts, and so on. Additionally, Kingspan cladding products must be incorporated into the design. Participants are encouraged to prioritize barrier-free accessibility and sustainability in the overall design, reflecting a commitment to creating a safe and equitable living environment for the residents of North Saltivka. By utilizing Speedstac and Kingspan products and incorporating these design elements, participants can showcase their creativity and demonstrate their ability to develop practical, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the community.

Mandatory requirement - Speedstac modules and Kingspan Insulated Panel must be used within the design

Speedstac render
Speedstc Applicton-Building Image

The Competition Site

North Saltivka is a residential area located in the northeastern region of Kharkiv. The area covers 3.11 square kilometres and is one of the most densely populated regions in the city, with an estimated population of around 600,000 people, more than a third of Kharkiv’s population.
The region mainly consists of high-rise residential  buildings, characterized by their industrial Soviet panel structure. The district was heavily impacted during the
invasion and became one of the most shelled regions in Kharkiv. However, the North Saltivka residents are enthusiastic about preserving their homes and want to bring new life to the region by implementing modern building technologies in their communities.

If you want to learn more, follow the link below to the survey of residences of the North Saltivka region conducted by Maryna Kolomiiets, Olha Holubova, and Natalia Boldina (students at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts).

North Saltivka Post-war
North Saltivka

The design to replace 200 residential units in North Saltivka provides an opportunity to incorporate modern, sustainable and accessible design features into the area. Participants in the Rebuild Ukraine Architectural competition are encouraged to consider the cultural and historical context of the region, while also bringing fresh perspectives to the redesign process.

Competition Schedule



Registration closes


Registration with full details opens


Closing date for submission







Student prize and honourary mentions will be announced

Top 3 winners will be announced


Competition Submission Requirements


Participants must provide a maximum of 10 slides (A3 size and must not exceed exceed 25 MB for all slides) including drawings, renderings, plans, sections, elevations, diagrams, and/or other presentation aids. All submission materials must be submitted digitally. Drawings should include English language for key words and statements.


Participants can select and upload one project preview image that best depicts their submission (this is over and above the 10 slides noted above). The project preview image must be horizontally orientated, no larger than 10 MB in size, and in jpg/jpeg format. The project preview image will be  used in promotional materials to highlight the
project for social media and publications such as Instagram, LinkedIn and website promotions, etc.)

Suggested drawings & Diagrams

Please keep in mind that the set provided below is a recommendation. Participants can utilize the full list, a selection from it, or suggest an entirely alternative collection that best explains their concept.

● Urban plan
● Elevation of streets
● Building sections

● Basic floor layouts and plans
● Diagrams of the site or landscape
● Concept diagrams
● Renderings of the exterior
● Renderings of the interiors
● Technical wall section highlighting Speedstac modules and Kingspan Insulated Panels



for the top 4


1st Place

$5,000 Canadian

              Financial prize for the top student team

2nd Place

$3,000 Canadian

3rd Place

$1,250 Canadian

4rd Place

$1,000 Canadian

Student Prize

$750 Canadian

$500 Canadian

$500 Canadian

+ 6

Honourable Mentions


Prize money will be paid via PayPal. Prize money includes any service charges applicable to PayPal.
100% of prize money collected from sponsors will be distributed to the winning submissions!


Meet our Jury

Rebuild Ukraine Judge

Slava Balbek



Slava Balbek is a Ukrainian architect and founder and CEO of balbek bureau architecture and interior design studio. With an extensive portfolio featuring a corporate space for Grammarly, Kyiv Food Market and 906 World Cultural Center in San Francisco, Slava and his team have been recognized as Interior Design’s Best of Year and Hospitality Design Awards winners. Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine, balbek bureau has been working on RE:Ukraine System – a system of social initiatives in response to wartime challenges Slava is the driving force behind the interior architecture studio balbek bureau. His primary role as a CEO is determining the direction for further development of the company. Along with his team, Slava is developing concepts for the bureau’s projects, ranging from an innovative office for a global IT company to a century-old arsenal turned into a food hall.

Rebuild Ukraine Judge

Carl Blanchaer



Carl served as a Design Principal for more than 30 years at WZMH Architects, overseeing significant projects in Canada, the Middle East & North Africa and Asia. In Toronto, he played a vital role in city-building and personally led projects like the Bay Adelaide Centre West Tower, EY Tower, and RBC Waterpark Place. Additionally, Carl served on the City of Toronto’s Design Review Panel for over 15 years, helping shape the city’s response to major development proposals. Carl has also contributed to the field of architecture education, serving as a guest critic at the University of Toronto’s John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design and was also a member of the university’s Design Review Committee for more than 12 years, providing guidance
for the development of new major capital projects across all three campuses.

Rebuild Ukraine Judge

Nicola Casciato



Nicola is the senior Design Principal at WZMH Architects and is responsible for establishing the creative vision for all projects undertaken by the firm. Nicola’s experience includes institutional, multi-unit residential and recreational buildings and is responsible for several of the firms most notable projects including Durham Consolidated Courthouse, Bay-Adelaide Centre, Caesar’s Casino in Windsor, Ontario, and the Parliament Street Data Centre. Nicola is currently a member of the London Urban Design Peer Review Panel (UDPRP) where he supports city staff
by providing expert urban design advice to encourage high-quality architecture that helps London become more livable and beautiful. Nicola has a Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Science from Ryerson University.

Rebuild Ukraine Judge

Walter Daschko



Walter joined Metrolinx 10 years ago to lead the new Design Excellence program on the ground-breaking LRT projects across the GTHA. Prior to that, he was Managing Director of Aedas Canada, a Sole Practitioner, and Associate-in-Charge
of various projects at KBMB Architects.
Walter served as guest critic at the University of Toronto’s John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, and was an Associate Adjunct Professor. Walter has been deeply involved with Ukraine where in 1989 he travelled and worked to establish contacts/exchanges with architects /architectural academics. Through the Government of Canada, he was involved in various civil society building projects including reviving the scouting movement
(early 1990s,) training volunteers to take orphans camping, and election observing throughout Ukraine.

Rebuild Ukraine Judge

Natalia Khoroyan

Architect & Associate Professor UKRAINE

Natalia, a Ph.D. holder, serves as an architect and associate professor, and also heads the department of architecture at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. With 28 years of teaching experience, Natalia also has 8 years of practical experience with the Project Institute “Atomenergoproekt” and Private Institute of Applied Achievements and Developments. Natalia’s teaches a range of subjects, including history of architecture, art, urban planning, history of engineering thinking, the basis of urban planning, basics of design research, current trends in the organization of the architectural and landscape environment, and the management of scientific activities of students. Natalia’s leadership roles include being the graduating editor of the magazine of Ukrainian cities “Mediapolis” and Executive Director of the International Public Organization “Kharkiv Club”.

Rebuild Ukraine Judge

Oleksandra Onisko

Sustainability Engineer


Oleksandra Onisko is a founding principal at Pratus Group. With over 13 years of industry experience Oleksandra combines engineering and technical knowledge with a passion for sustainability. Oleksandra focuses on making the built environment sustainable and energy efficient through energy analysis for the purpose of design optimization, Net Zero and Zero Carbon implementation, LEED energy modeling, and early stage impact analysis of elementary architectural design options.
Oleksandra is a Professional Engineer, LEED Accredited Professional (Building Design and Construction) and Building
Energy Modelling Professional. She is an active member of the energy modelling and green buildings community in the
Greater Toronto area.

Rebuild Ukraine Judge

Michal Pieczyski

Managing Director of Kingspan Facades CEE 


Michal Pieczyski is the Managing Director Kingspan Facades CEE w Kingspan, where he holds a key role in the company’s commercial team. His expertise in sales and marketing has been instrumental in driving the growth of the company and expanding its reach in the region. At Kingspan, Michal is responsible for developing and executing strategic sales plans, managing customer relationships, and driving revenue growth. His strong interpersonal skills and customer-centric approach have earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor to Kingspan’s clients.
Prior to joining Kingspan, Michal held several sales and marketing roles in the building materials industry. He has a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for innovation, which he leverages to drive growth and success for his clients and the company.

Rebuild Ukraine Judge

Orysya Yaremko

Deputy Director of Kingspan-Ukraine LLC


Orysya Yaremko is a seasoned professional with over 11 years of experience working with the commercial team at Kingspan- Ukraine LLC in Lviv, Ukraine. As a key member of the team, Orysya is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty to the company through her role in Customer Service. Orysya also serves as the Deputy Director of Kingspan- Ukraine LLC, a role that requires her to oversee the dayto- day operations of the company. Recently, Orysya has been heavily involved in the development of a new Construction Technology Campus in Western Ukraine. Her extensive experience in the industry and her deep understanding of the local market have been invaluable in guiding the company’s efforts in this new venture. Orysya’s commitment to excellence and her passion for innovation have positioned her as a respected thought leader in the industry.

Rebuild Ukraine Judge

Sophia Zelov

Architect, Autodesk


Sophia is currently the head of the Relationship Development Team for Autodesk Research, responsible for identifying and building strategic partnerships that align with the goals and
objectives of the organization. Sophia and her team, work towards creating an environment that supports and accelerates the work of Autodesk Research and its partners, ensuring that these partnerships are formed, maintained, and strengthened over time.
Sophia brings a wealth of experience to Autodesk Research, having previously worked as an accomplished architect with a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from residential to largescale master plans. Her notable achievements include leading the design and project management of the Vietnamese-German
University Campus in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which has received recognition for excellence in design and innovation.

Additional jury members may be added to support the individuals above that will include representatives from

UA IT HUB and the Embassy of Ukraine to Canada. 


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