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Nikita Bielokopytov | Danil Bielokopytov

Adaptable Living: A Versatile Residential Building System

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This project introduces a universal residential building design that offers flexibility and adaptability to external needs. The key elements of the building, including apartment layouts, structural grid, façade, and floor heights, form a sophisticated system that enables the creation of over 40 different housing configurations.

This innovative approach ensures that the building remains a cohesive part of the same system while accommodating diverse requirements. The design allows for seamless adjustments and modifications, providing a versatile solution that can be tailored to various housing needs.

By embracing this adaptable living concept, the project offers residents the freedom to personalize their living spaces while maintaining the integrity of the overall system. This approach not only provides a range of housing options but also promotes a sense of continuity and unity within the residential building complex.

With its comprehensive and flexible design system, this project strives to meet the evolving demands of residents while establishing a harmonious and interconnected community.

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