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Vladyslav Fitsa | Kateryna Zetta

Preserving Volumes, Maximizing Space: A Thoughtful Approach to Apartment Design

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This project's main goal in designing 200 apartments is to prioritize the preservation of existing volumes. A total of 144 existing apartments are proposed to be retained, following the principle of storing floors with intact half sections.

The design of new apartments adheres to three key principles. Firstly, new sections are created starting from the first floor. Secondly, new apartments are designed within the existing building's volume, also beginning from the first floor. Lastly, additional apartments are added above the existing ones within the same building.

Throughout the design process, this project aims to address unnecessary elements in the reconstruction. The focus is on transforming identical facades, excessive building lengths, and single-function structures.
The intention is to create a more diverse and dynamic architectural landscape, offering a range of housing options and improving the functionality of the buildings. The project breaks away from uniformity, adapting the design to meet the evolving needs and preferences of the residents.

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