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Svitlana Iegorova | Volodimir Iegorov | Olena Sergienko

Revitalizing Concepts: Matching Modules, Vibrant Facades, and Green Roofs

Key Image

This project introduces several key ideas to enhance the overall design and functionality:

Matching Modules: To address the damage in panel buildings, the concept proposes using Speedstac modules specifically tailored to fit the corresponding panel building cell. This ensures a seamless integration of the modules, with a recommended height of 2920 cm and dimensions of 3100×6000 (or 7000).

Vibrant Facade Accents: In areas where damage has occurred, the concept suggests using bright and eye-catching paints, such as cadmium orange or English red, for the finishing of Kingspan metal panels. This approach creates a visually appealing contrast and revitalizes the facade by transforming previously damaged sections into focal points.

Green Roofs: The concept utilizes open roof spaces for the implementation of greenery, allowing for the planting of decorative or fruit-bearing plantations such as trees and bushes. These green roofs not only add aesthetic value but also provide opportunities for public spaces, fostering a sense of community and connection with nature.

By incorporating these ideas, the project aims to revitalize the buildings, bringing new life and attractiveness to the surroundings. The use of matching modules, vibrant facade accents, and green roofs showcases a thoughtful and sustainable approach, promoting both visual appeal and a harmonious integration of nature within the urban landscape.

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