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Serhii Lytvnenko

Efficient and Modern: Optimizing Residential Building with Speedstac and Kingspan

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This project proposes a concept for a 9-storey residential building, utilizing the advantages of Speedstac structural modules and insulated metal panels by Kingspan. The foundation of the design is a residential block with axial dimensions of 18.62*34.89 meters. The floor height is set at 3.100 meters, considering the specific design features of the Speedstac modules.

The concept includes the arrangement of a residential block with an SK1 type staircase, which effectively limits the building to 9 floors. Additionally, an underground floor is designated for housing the necessary input units for engineering networks. The orientation of the residential block is meridian, which offers advantages in terms of optimizing the number of apartments per floor and enhancing vertical transportation efficiency.

By employing Speedstac modules and Kingspan insulated panels, this project aims to create an efficient and contemporary residential building. The integration of these innovative construction elements ensures structural integrity, energy efficiency, and a modern aesthetic. The concept is carefully designed to maximize the utilization of space while offering optimal vertical transportation for residents.

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