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Kateryna Lokhnina

Renewing and Strengthening: Facade and Floor Restoration Project

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This project focuses on revitalizing the existing damaged facade panels by repairing them for new cladding installation. Alternatively, if necessary, the damaged panels will be completely removed and replaced with 140mm CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) blocks, ensuring enhanced durability and structural integrity.

In addition, the project addresses the damaged floor panels by either repairing them or replacing them with metal deck flooring topped with concrete. This approach guarantees a sturdy and reliable foundation for the building.

To support the new flooring and ensure stability, columns will be strategically placed throughout the structure, providing essential reinforcement.

Overall, this project aims to renew and strengthen the building by restoring the facade and addressing the damaged floor panels. Through the incorporation of robust materials and structural elements, the project seeks to enhance the building's overall integrity and functionality.

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