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Iyriiy Kravchenko | Vitaliy Stefanchishen

Enhancing Structure and Efficiency: Modernization through Dismantling and Construction

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This project entails the dismantling of a section of the building to make way for the construction of a new building core, located above the elevator shaft and stairwell. To facilitate unloading, a monolithic reinforced concrete slab will be installed on the 4th floor. Additionally, a new engine room, comprising 5 levels of Speedtac modules, will be constructed at the rooftop level of the superstructure.

To ensure improved accessibility, a new staircase made of monolithic reinforced concrete will be implemented above the 4th floor, along with staircases adjacent to the elevators. The horizontal roof area will be insulated using 250 mm of mineral basalt wool, with a density of 145 kg/m3. A decorative pattern will be applied to the metal cladding from Kingspan, adding aesthetic appeal to the structure.

Through these planned modifications, the project aims to enhance the overall structure and efficiency of the building. The construction of a new building core, installation of reinforced concrete elements, and insulation improvements contribute to the modernization and functionality of the facility. Moreover, the decorative pattern applied to the metal cladding adds a visually appealing touch, enhancing the aesthetics of the structure.

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