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Igor Protsenko | Volodymyr Droshyn

Creating a Welcoming Neighborhood: Enhancing Community Spaces and Modernizing Apartments

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This project focuses on transforming the neighborhood by closing off the road and establishing a centralized yard space, fostering a sense of community. The design prioritizes safety and convenience by ensuring that cars remain outside the yard, while inside, dedicated pathways accommodate both pedestrians and vehicles. This creates a secure zone for children and adults, promoting a safe and inviting environment. Furthermore, the project incorporates organized car parking areas near the building entrances.

Each building offers the residents of the ground floor the opportunity to personalize their own courtyard space, featuring areas for barbecues and relaxation. The corridor-type houses are characterized by free plastic facades, eliminating the need for balconies and incorporating 1.2x1.2m sumps for drainage purposes. Additionally, two evacuation exits are provided on each floor, enhancing safety measures.

In terms of apartment layouts, the project introduces modern designs that move away from traditional one-room, two-room, and three-room apartments. Instead, the focus is on contemporary apartments that serve both day and night functions, offering one-bedroom and two-bedroom options. This enhances the functionality and flexibility of the living spaces, catering to the diverse needs of residents.

By consolidating the sections, the project streamlines the structure, ensuring a more efficient use of space. This approach optimizes the layout and promotes a cohesive community within the neighborhood.

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