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Dmytro Aranchii

Restoration and Transformation: Revitalizing the Damaged Block with Speedstac and Kingspan

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This project focuses on the restoration of a selected block that has sustained damage. The proposal by [vox]saltivka involves the complete demolition of the damaged block and its replacement with a cluster of Speedstac units. Four rebuilding typologies are proposed, with Method 2 particularly highlighting the creation of an additional opening that serves as a transit and connects the surrounding spaces.

To accommodate the number of apartments, Speedstac units will be constructed over the existing floors, providing additional terraces. The two types of Speedstac units available, 3100x6000 and 3100x7900, offer an efficient solution for repairing the damaged parts without the need for complete structure demolition. The height has been adjusted to 2920 mm to ensure precise integration with the existing units.

The project utilizes Kingspan facade covering, which offers a versatile range of taxonomy using unified units. For exterior purposes, two facade variations are proposed: the standard Kingspan QuadCore Karrier panel, featuring a metal profile sheet finishing, and a custom Kingspan facade panel made from composite material with a CNC-milled line pattern that creates visual continuity.

The varying lengths of Speedstac units allow for the configuration of a multitude of apartments, accommodating people and families of different sizes. The combination of Speedstac units includes studios, 1-bedroom apartments (in two types), 2-bedroom apartments for couples or small families, and 3-bedroom apartments for larger families.

The new master plan configuration aims to create a vibrant and welcoming space for the North Saltivka community. While preserving existing biodiversity, the master plan incorporates a petal pattern, avoiding conventional straight lines and leading visitors into the inner courtyard. All petals converge at the center plaza of the yard, featuring dry fountains and wide pedestrian pathways.

Overall, this project seeks to restore and transform the damaged block into a revitalized and inclusive space. Through the integration of Speedstac and Kingspan solutions, it offers a diverse range of apartment options and creates a welcoming environment for the community of North Saltivka.

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