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Daria Tymchenko | Kateryna Konshyna | Milena Hudym | Yanina Kholodova | Kostiantyn Bobin | Alina Kriuchkova | Oleksandr Katerusha

Rebuilding Connections: A Modular Remedy for Healing Communities

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Amidst a landscape of destruction, this project seeks to explore a healing approach to rebuilding in the devastated outskirts along Natalia Uzhviy Street. The specific focus is on block-panel building No. 62 of the II-57 series (P-57), which is over 50 years old and has suffered varying degrees of damage. This includes complete block destruction, unsafe entrances, punctured holes throughout the building, and surface damage to its structure. Consequently, residents feel disconnected and estranged amidst the ruins.

Taking a user-centered design approach, our project aims to provide a recipe for recovery, prioritizing the restoration of vitality and a sense of belonging. Our focus lies in saturating the space with life, enabling people to reclaim their familiar surroundings. We intend to create comfort, enhance mobility, introduce a greener ecosystem with solar energy integration, and maximize insulation for energy efficiency.

Our proposal includes the creation of 295 new homes, expanding living spaces to accommodate the community's needs. Additionally, we plan to incorporate green areas and a plethora of sporting activities for children, fostering a sense of community and well-being within the blocks. By prioritizing user experience and holistic revitalization, this project aims to rebuild connections and create a brighter future for the affected community.

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