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Bogdan Kupriienko | Bogdan Pylys | Maksym Yevchuk | Herman Sokolov

Renewing Communities: Rapid Restoration and Enhanced Living Spaces

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This project is centered around the replacement of 200 damaged apartments in the Northern Saltivka housing estate, utilizing Speedstac modules and insulated Kingspan metal panels, as well as spatial constructions to expand the existing building. Its primary objective is to facilitate the swift restoration of buildings while preserving the apartment stock, particularly in multi-apartment buildings that have been devastated due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The concept introduces a dynamic transformation of the structure into functional spaces, including newly developed terraces, gardens, sports and recreational areas, and adaptable tent spaces. The design emphasizes a top-to-bottom movement, gradually evolving into a beautifully landscaped environment through the implementation of a "sustainable scaffolding" system.

Furthermore, the project offers the advantage of easily accommodating external communications, simplifying the arrangement of necessary infrastructure. By focusing on quick restoration and incorporating enhanced living spaces, this initiative aims to revitalize communities affected by the conflict, promoting resilience and sustainable development.

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