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Andriy Privalov |
Olga Pidgorna |
Oleksandr Hovtva | Yuliia Hovtva

Building a Sustainable Future: Restoring Severnaya Saltovka with Speedstac Innovation

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Welcome to the restoration project of Severnaya Saltovka, where the convergence of innovative technologies, Speedstac building modules, and the needs of citizens has resulted in a remarkable transformation. The project team approached the endeavor with genuine enthusiasm and conducted a comprehensive analysis of the area, identifying numerous buildings in urgent need of intervention.

Looking towards the future, the team envisioned a project that not only revived the dilapidated structures but also considered the aspirations and requirements of future residents. The key catalyst in this endeavor was the implementation of Speedstac, an advanced modular construction technology known for its swift construction process without compromising on quality or durability. However, the project's scope extended beyond mere restoration.

When developing the apartment layouts, the team diligently took into account the citizens' desires, preferences, and daily life peculiarities. The planning options were thoughtfully tailored to meet diverse preferences, ranging from one-bedroom apartments to spacious three-bedroom dwellings for families. Each layout was meticulously crafted with convenience and comfort as the guiding principles.

The architectural solution paid special attention to preserving the authentic charm of Severnaya Saltovka. Rooftops were ingeniously utilized to house solar panels, harnessing renewable energy from the sun and reducing dependence on traditional energy sources. Additionally, a comprehensive ventilation and air conditioning system was integrated into the buildings to provide optimal living conditions.

This project aims to revive the area, offering a harmonious blend of modern construction methods, citizen-centric design, and sustainable living for the future residents.

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