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1.1. The contest is the "3D_4bX" contest.

1.2. The organizers are WZMH Architects, Sparkbird, UA ITHub with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

1.3. The jury is a team of specialists formed by the Organizers, who will choose the winners of the competition from among the Participants by secret ballot.

1.4. Official Website - the official website of the competition, located at the following link:  

1.5. Participant is a participant in the competition.

1.6. Rules — rules for participation in the "3D_4bX" competition.



2.1. 3D_4bX is an architectural and engineering competition created specifically for Ukrainian students.

2.2. The purpose and tasks of the Competition:

2.2.1. Create an ideal design project for an 80 square meter house that can be efficiently 3D printed.

2.2.2. Create a 3D printer that needs to be designed so that it can fit into a standard 6m shipping container and be shipped anywhere in the world to print these homes. This competition serves as a platform for students to not only showcase their prowess in 3D technology and architectural innovation, but also address the pressing need for portable and versatile housing solutions. This competition encourages students to demonstrate their skills and creativity in the field of 3D technology and architectural design, meeting the current demand for mobile and adaptive living solutions.

2.3. Improving the image of the Organizers' brands.

2.4. Information about the Organizers: Architectural office "WZMH Architects" Legal address: 95 St Clair Avenue West Suite 1500, Toronto, ON Canada M4V 1N6, E-mail:  

This event was made possible thanks to the financial support of WZMH Architects and Sparkbird.

2.5. The period of the Competition is from October 19, 2023 to December 14, 2023 inclusive.

2.6. The number of Contest winners and the procedure for determining them are specified in the relevant sections of these Rules.

2.7. Information about the Competition, as well as any changes to the conditions of the Competition, is posted on the Official website.



3.1. Students who live in Ukraine at the time of the competition and are studying in the fields of design, architecture, engineering, urban planning and others can participate in the competition. Architecture students are encouraged to collaborate with engineering students interested in 3D printer design.



4.1. A person is considered a Participant after successfully completing the registration for participation in the Competition through the application collection form, the address of which will be indicated on the Official Website, until November 13, 2023 inclusive.

4.2. Participants have the right to participate in the Competition as a team of 2 to 8 people inclusively, while each member of the team must be registered as a Participant through the registration form and enter their data.

4.3. Participation in the Contest is free.

4.4. One team has the right to present only one project for consideration by the Jury.

4.5. Registration of persons as Contest Participants ends on November 13, 2023 inclusive.

4.6. The deadline for submitting projects is November 30, 2023 inclusive.

4.7. One person can register to participate in the Competition only once. Multiple registration of accounts (user accounts) by one Participant and use of other people's (including previously registered) accounts are prohibited. The Participant assures and guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of all data provided by him to the Organizers. If, at any stage of the Contest (including during the awarding of prizes to winners), the fact of entering false data or using accounts belonging to other persons by the Participant is detected, the Organizers have the right to cancel the Participant's registration (delete the account) and deny such Participant issuing gifts and/or rewards.

4.8. All participants are responsible for paying all expenses incurred by them in connection with participation in the Competition.



5.1. The projects that the Participants will present to the Jury must meet the following criteria:

5.1.1. Functionality and durability of the design.

5.1.2. A 3D printer solution and how it can be easily transported around the world in a sea container.

5.1.3. Creativity and originality.

5.1.4. Innovations related to 3D-printed building materials.

5.1.5. Accessibility and inclusiveness.

5.1.6. Aesthetic appeal.

5.1.7. Ability to implement and use worldwide.

5.1.8. The concept was really developed in Ukraine.

5.2. The organizers, at their own discretion, have the right to disqualify projects in case of non-compliance with the criteria specified in clause 5.1. of these Rules. Also, the Organizers have the right to exclude from the Competition projects that contradict generally accepted moral and cultural values, contain content of a sexual or pornographic nature, incite racial, ethnic, religious or other enmity, contradict the current legislation of Ukraine, etc.

5.3. The Organizers reserve the right at any time to exclude from participation in the Contest materials for which the Organizers of the Contest have received claims from third parties about violation of their copyright and/or other rights. The organizers have the right to exclude such materials from participation in the Contest without prior notice to the Contest Participant and verification of the plausibility of the received data on infringement of copyright and/or other rights of third parties. In the event that any solution to the task presented during participation in the Competition violates the rights of third parties, the Participant undertakes to settle all claims of such third parties presented to the Organizers at his own expense. The Participant undertakes to compensate the Organizers for all damages and expenses related to such violation or alleged violation, which the Organizers had to incur, as well as to release the Organizers from any claims, judicial and extrajudicial, related to the said violation.

5.4 Requirements for project submission Entrants must submit a maximum of 10 slides (A3 size and must not exceed 25MB for all slides), including drawings, renderings, plans, sections, elevations, diagrams and/or other presentation materials. All materials must be submitted electronically. Drawings must contain English for key words and statements. At least two slides should demonstrate the 3D printer solution and how it is assembled/disassembled and fits into a 6m long sea container, and the type of print build material used. Entrants can select and upload one project preview image that best represents their application (this is more than the 10 slides listed above). The project preview image must be horizontally oriented, no larger than 10 MB, and in jpg/jpeg format. A preview image of the project will be used in promotional materials to highlight the project on social media and publications such as Instagram, LinkedIn, websites, etc.)

5.5. Information on where to download ready-made solutions can be found on the website:

5.6. Drawings and schemes.

Contributors can use the entire list or a selection from it, or propose an entirely alternative collection that best explains their concept.
5.6.1. Technical Description of the 3D Printer:

  - Detailed description of the printer.

  - Concept sketches of the 3D printer.

  - Description of the printing process and its parameters.
5.6.2. House Design:

  - Architectural plans, elevations and cross sections for the house.

- At least one wall section showing the detailing related to the 3D printed components of the house.

  - Visualizations of the house as it will appear after printing.
5.6.3. Technical Description of Building Materials:
  - Description of the materials to be used in the 3D printing process of the house.
  - Information on the strength, insulation, and durability of these materials.
5.6.4. Calculations and Construction Documentation:
  - Any calculations, modeling or studies confirming the technical and economic feasibility of the project.

  - Conceptual drawings for construction.

   5.6.5. Environmental Assessment:
  - Assessment of the project's impact on the environment.
  - Proposals for sustainability and energy efficiency.
5.6.6. Project Presentation:

  - Presentation in PDF format explaining the concept, technical solutions, and commercial potential of the project.

This list of documents will assist the jury in evaluating the students' projects in terms of technical complexity, innovation, environmental sustainability, and commercial viability.



6.1. The Organizers confirm and guarantee that the intellectual property rights to the materials created by the Participants as a result of their participation in the Contest will belong only to the Participants.



7.1. When registering to participate in the Contest, the Participant gives the Contest Organizers their consent to the processing of personal data provided during registration and/or later during the Contest, including surname, first name, patronymic, place of work or study, position, contact numbers and e-mail addresses, for the purposes of organizing and conducting the Competition, in particular for the transfer of personal data to the Organizers of the Competition and persons affiliated with them, as well as, in the event that the Participant is selected as the winner of the Competition, publication of his surname, first name and patronymic, other data provided by the Participant on Official website.

7.2. Subjects of personal data enjoy the rights provided for in Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data" dated June 1, 2010.

7.3. By registering to participate in the Competition, the Participant gives his consent to photo and filming with his participation and subsequent publication of these materials on the Internet. The contest is a public event, so if the Participant does not want to be present at the visual materials, he must notify the Organizers in advance. In this case, the Organizers have the right at their discretion to refuse the Participant to participate in the Competition.



8.1. All disputes related to the Competition are resolved through negotiations between the Organizers and the Participant and are governed by the legislation of Ukraine. All Participants acknowledge the exclusive jurisdiction of all disputes related to the Contest to the courts of Ukraine.



9.1. When registering to participate in the Competition, the Participant agrees to the terms of these Rules and undertakes to comply with them. Failure to comply with the terms of these Rules is grounds for disqualification of the Participant at any stage of the Contest.

9.2. The organizers may, at their discretion, make any changes and/or additions to these Rules in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine.

9.3. These Rules, as well as changes to them, enter into force from the moment they are posted on the Official Website specified in clause 2.6. of these Rules.

9.4. The procedure for carrying out other procedures, which are not established by these Rules, is established by other local documents of the Organizers, or by making operational decisions during the Contest, taking into account the principles of expediency, fairness and reasonableness.

9.5. The Organizers are not responsible in the event of force majeure, such as natural disasters, fire, flood, military actions of any nature, civil unrest, significant changes in legislation, other circumstances beyond the control of the Organizers.

9.6. If any provision of these Rules is declared invalid, all other provisions shall remain in force.



10.1. A prize fund in the amount of $5,000 (five thousand) Canadian dollars is established to pay the prize money to the winners of the competition, including:

First place – $2,500 (two thousand five hundred) Canadian dollars.

Second place - $1,500 (one thousand five hundred) Canadian dollars.

Third place - $1,000 (one thousand) Canadian dollars.

10.2. Prizes will be paid via PayPal. Prizes include any service fees applicable to PayPal.

10.3. 100% of the prize money received from the sponsors will be distributed among the works of the winners!


11.1. Official Website:   

11.2. Send general questions to  or

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