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Viktor Vasianovych | Serhii Vasianovych

Revitalizing Residences: Assessing Condition and Updating Standards

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This project proposal entails a comprehensive analysis of the physical condition of existing residential buildings A and B, which suffered damage during shelling in the residential area. Based on the provided materials, it is evident that the load-bearing structures have experienced significant damage at the points of destruction, as well as general wear and tear over the course of approximately 40 years since their construction.

Furthermore, it is apparent that the building layouts do not meet modern State Building Standards and aesthetic criteria, highlighting the need for updating and modernization.

To address these issues, this project aims to revitalize the residences by addressing structural damage, improving layouts, and adhering to current building standards. By implementing necessary repairs and upgrades, the goal is to ensure the long-term stability, safety, and aesthetic appeal of the buildings, in line with modern architectural and construction standards.

Through this comprehensive approach, the project seeks to breathe new life into the residences, optimizing their functionality and enhancing their overall visual appeal.

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