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Serhiy Davydov

Creating a Harmonious Residential Area: Uniting Old and New with Modern Urban Planning

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The objective of this project is to establish a vibrant residential area by seamlessly connecting an updated and restored old building with a new structure constructed using "Speedstac" modules.

One of the key features of the project is the creation of an isolated courtyard that is free from cars, providing a peaceful and secure space for residents to enjoy. The ground floor is dedicated to minimal housing, enhancing privacy and tranquility for the occupants. Underground parking facilities are included to ensure convenient vehicle storage and reduce on-street congestion.

The project also encompasses modern amenities and facilities, such as contemporary landscaping, creating a visually appealing and comfortable atmosphere for the residents. The focus on blagousts (public spaces) further enhances the quality of life within the community.

By merging the old and new components seamlessly, this project aims to achieve a cohesive and integrated residential area. It combines the charm and character of the restored building with the functionality and efficiency of the new "Speedstac" module-based structure. The result is a harmonious blend of history and modernity, creating an attractive and welcoming environment for residents.

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