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Glib Semyakin | Natalia Kalinina | Oleksandr Fil

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Innovation: Revitalization of Saltivka Neighborhood

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This project is grounded in the principles of preserving and enhancing the architectural heritage of the Saltivka neighborhood while incorporating modern trends and meeting the needs of its residents. The objective is to create a balanced solution that respects the existing context and revitalizes the neighborhood. A key focus is on preserving the modular nature of the facades and overall character of the buildings while integrating them with contemporary elements and materials.

The structural foundation of the building relies on Speedstac reinforced concrete blocks, available in three sizes: 1.5m, 6.8m, and 7.8m in length, and 3.4m in width. A total of 1070 Speedstac modules are incorporated into the project. For the facade, energy-efficient QuadCore metal panels by Kingspan are used, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and sustainability.

By preserving the architectural heritage and incorporating modern elements, this project aims to revitalize the Saltivka neighborhood, creating a harmonious blend of the past and present. The use of Speedstac modules and Kingspan QuadCore metal panels contributes to the structural integrity, energy efficiency, and overall transformation of the buildings, while maintaining the neighborhood's unique character.

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