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Dmytro Shakal | Artem Shakal | Nadiia Skorobogata | Olga Karpiuk | Vasyl Karpiuk | Anna Shevchenko | Liudmyla Kistanova

Renew, Rebuild, and Enhance: Transforming a Damaged Building into a Modern Community Hub

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This project offers a compelling solution for restoring and rebuilding a damaged building, employing high-quality Kingspan materials and innovative Speedstac modular structural elements. The proposal presents a transformative vision of replacing the outdated six-section residential building with a new, three-sectioned structure, designed to accommodate a higher number of apartments while incorporating essential infrastructure facilities to ensure residents' comfort and convenience.

The new building design embraces a range of amenities and services to cater to the diverse needs of the community. It features a welcoming common entrance on the ground level, complete with a reception area. Within the building, residents can enjoy coliving rooms that foster communal interaction, a kindergarten, a shop, a children's playroom, an energy-independent coworking space, wheelchair accessibility, storage rooms, spaces for active recreation, a hair salon, and offices.

This comprehensive approach aims to create a vibrant and inclusive community hub, where residents can connect, engage, and thrive. By combining modern architectural elements, efficient materials, and thoughtful infrastructure, the project endeavors to revitalize the building and provide an enriching environment for the residents, ensuring their comfort, convenience, and well-being.The proposal proposes to build a new, three-sectioned one instead of an outdated six-section residential building, while increasing the number of apartments and filling the building with infrastructure facilities necessary for the residents' comfortable living. The building is designed with: a common entrance from the ground level and a reception, a coliving rooms (spaces for residents to communicate together), a kindergarten, a shop, a children's playroom, an energy-independent coworking space, wheelchairs, storerooms, active recreation rooms, a hair salon and offices.

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