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Oleksandr Bezruk | Julia Bezruk

Embracing Sustainability: Redefining Reconstruction with Responsible Architecture

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This project embraces sustainable architecture as a crucial element in today's reconstruction field, expanding the horizons of aesthetics, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

To ensure the conservation of remaining resources and the preservation of the sense of place, this project introduces a new building section that stands on the existing preserved foundation. The design incorporates a single modular construction approach, connecting and unifying the new building with the low-rise section through collective usage.

This project is driven by the goal of promoting sustainability and responsible resource management. The use of modular construction allows for efficient material utilization and minimizes construction waste.
By integrating sustainable architecture principles, this project aims to redefine reconstruction by creating an environment that harmoniously combines aesthetics, functionality, and environmental consciousness. The goal is to establish a living space that serves as a positive example for the construction industry and sets the stage for a sustainable and mindful community.

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